What is Video Marketing?

It is a marketing action that focuses on the use of video through the internet in the digital strategy seeking business objectives.

Video marketing consists of adding videos to your digital strategy
Video marketing is valid for any sector and target audience. Even if you think otherwise, it can be applied to more serious market niches, such as health or legal, to convey closeness and empathy with your community.

Reasons to trust Video Marketing
The main reason is the figures, it is a booming format used by users, one hundred million view videos daily. To achieve the dissemination of video content, I recommend creating a YouTube channel; I don’t know if you know that it belongs to Google, so you will have the possibility to include your videos in the search engine. On the other hand, the video format has less competition, so you can position yourself more easily to make yourself known to potential customers who can see your videos.

If we look for more technical reasons, we can assess:

Increase the time spent on the website: Users prefer to watch video than read content, so you should include videos on your website or blog to increase the time spent, not just limited to social networks

Improve the SEO of your project: By increasing the dwell time, you benefit from organic positioning, increasing your relevance to achieve the top positions.
As I mentioned before, YouTube is owned by Google, so if we insert videos from its platform, our SEO will improve.

Promotes engagement: Video communicates a lot of information, combining many resources: images, voice, texts and music. They are emotional elements, so users can better remember a brand, and they tend to share and comment on them more easily.

Increase the conversion rate: Video marketing helps the purchase decision, making the product more attractive, providing relevant information, increasing the ratios in its entirety

How to make a video?

You must pay attention to the first few seconds to arouse the user’s interest. On the other hand, it is important to control the duration to avoid boredom, I think three minutes would be a good option.
Look for surprise to impact, humanizing, to create emotions.

In the technical field, it takes care of the quality of the image, lighting, stability and sound. We update our YouTube channel

Video types

There are thousands of ideas, what is relevant is to transmit valuable content. However, here is a short list:
Corporate videos, Testimonials, Products, events, tutorials, animated, advertorials.

How much does it cost to make a video?
Obviously, it’s like everything, it can be cheap or the price can’t be limited, but with a little imagination, you can make attractive videos at zero cost or almost
If we talk about video marketing, it is not necessary to highlight blockbusters, the videos must be made with a digital format in mind. Therefore, you can include home videos that should not give a bad image, quite the opposite. A video tutorial recorded with a mobile phone taking advantage of the thousands of free applications that exist to edit videos, would be a good example.

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