Do we know how to make the most of each user who comes to our content or commerce websites? It seems that many people are obsessed with SEO without having done their homework. The key is not to attract traffic, although it is undoubtedly important, but the value that we are capable of generating from it.

SEO is dead, long live SEO. SEO is important, but not so much if we have not done our homework before dedicating ourselves to it in depth. Here are some of the keys that have had to be taken into account to attract traffic to a website before concentrating on a positioning strategy.

The first impression: the first two seconds are key

Someone who comes to your website finds an orderly page, with a good design and structured content. In 1-2 seconds the user who comes from a link or search engine makes the decision to finish or continue with his search. It is key that your site makes a good first impression. Apart from a clean and attractive design, the content that the user is looking for must be structured and well organized. The usability of your page is key.

Increase your sales: landing page optimization

Something very important if you want to sell a product or service. There are many experts in landing page design. The results between different versions of designs can even vary by a factor of 5-10. Compared to not having a specific page with a clear and defined objective, even double. Imagine the potential of optimizing a landing page compared to the efforts required to attract more traffic to the site through SEO positioning.

Recommendation by third parties: is your website viral?

Third-party referral helps increase your reach to potential customers. The great art in creating a page is not only in achieving the required actions with the users who come directly to your website. There is enormous potential through the recommendations that these visitors can make to their friends, colleagues or acquaintances. If your product is viral you can also check it in one of my posts on this blog.

Indirect Marketing: Added value in the form of blog content

An immediate sale or action strategy does not have to be the best solution. It is better to create trust through value-added content. You must be able to position your character or company as an opinion leader and an expert in your segment. You demonstrate this with information on your website that shows that you know what you are communicating. This indirect marketing strategy does not have to create sales for you immediately, but it helps you to promote virality and recommendation by third parties.

Whoever approaches these topics well automatically performs an indirect SEO: quality content with keywords, clear page structure, internal and external links with more information, etc. The value we bring to the user who arrives at our page should be our main objective. The rest will be collateral effects…

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