Without a doubt, the organic reach of some social networks such as Facebook has fallen drastically in recent years. Depending on your goals, there are good alternatives.

One of the most underrated social networks right now for me is LinkedIn. Especially if you are a person who moves a lot between projects both as a freelancer and as an employee, you should not overlook this platform.

The content issue is something that LinkedIn has pushed a lot in recent years and right now the results are being seen. How on all platforms that have advertising as a source of income, it is a matter of time until this organic reach will be able to force everyone to pay the checkout.

Now is the time on LinkedIn to position yourself, connect with potential clients but above all publish. This is what I have done.

Although there is the possibility to publish entire contents so far I have not used it. I have settled for the “normal” option of publishing that allows up to 1,300 characters creating a short version of posts that have worked well for me on this blog. Those posts are accompanied by a photo that counts as characters (now I couldn’t tell you exactly how many). I do not usually put a link because my goal is not to generate visits but simply to have organic reach.

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