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It’s more apparent than ever that video has become an integral part of most successful marketing campaigns. If you haven’t started using social media video as part of your digital marketing efforts yet, you’re late to the party. Your competitors are probably already doing it.

Here we will explain the importance of video marketing and how it can help grow your business.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the action of doing marketing (of your brand, your product, events or something else) through video. If you create a small video to promote your business, however subtle, it will be video marketing.

There are several ways brands can take advantage of video marketing. Videos can be integrated into social networks to share more interactive content, they can be added in emails and in other places such as your website. The quality and length of the video piece will depend on the platform and the purpose of the video. As different things can be achieved thanks to video marketing, each video should be considered individually.

Video marketing is also made up of video advertising, which are terms that can be confused. Usually the latter describes the process of creating videos that you pay to promote on specific platforms. However, video ads are more focused on selling while video marketing includes other ways your brand communicates with your audience.

Although video marketing encompasses video advertising, both are important to most brands. It’s important to distinguish video advertising from other forms of video marketing when creating a marketing plan.

Why is video marketing important for your business?

As we have already mentioned, videos are very popular. The main reason why they are so popular is that they easily attract leads and customers across multiple channels and platforms. Therefore, any type of business should use video to attract, convert and retain customers. If you don’t start your video marketing strategy now, your competitors could take advantage of the situation, since most of them are probably already using videos to their advantage.

Thanks to video marketing you can:

Stay visible longer on social media
Get more exposure and engagement
Increase understanding of your product
Stand out more as your message will be clear and memorable
Increase sales
Appear better in search engine results

Videos are great for building brand awareness, improving your business’s online presence, humanizing your brand, building trust, and increasing sales thanks to all of the above. Therefore, there is no brand that cannot use them to their advantage. However, it is necessary to follow the right path with your videos to benefit from your video marketing campaigns.

What is the correct way to make videos?

You may not know what kind of videos to shoot and post to increase your audience engagement. Here are some of the most common:

About Us: Give your audience an insight into your company’s culture, values, goals, history, and motivation. In this way, you will be able to show them what your brand consists of and what differentiates you from your competitors.
Customer Testimonials: This is one of the most powerful resources you can have. If a customer is happy with your brand and you have video proof of that, it’s the best possible word of mouth as it will reach a larger audience.
Product Demonstration Videos: The purpose of these videos is primarily to inform. You offer value and want to improve your customer’s experience with your product by offering tips and tricks and generally educating them about your product.
Promotional videos: to inform your customers about an ongoing sale or special offer, or to show off a new product. Remember to add all the necessary information about the purchase.
How-To Videos: These are similar to demo videos, but these how-to videos do not mention any brand or product. The purpose of “how to” videos is purely to build brand awareness and authority in the marketplace. They help people learn about topics related to the niche.
Event Videos: Include recaps or summaries of your events. Even if it’s online or a live broadcast on social media, since they may not have been able to attend, it will make your audience feel included.

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