1. The data corroborates it

Without a doubt, video has become one of the most consumed formats and the data corroborates this: 90% of social network users consume videos, 82% of Internet traffic is captured by video, we retain 95% % of the information that is shown to us in this format, compared to 10% of that exposed in written form. 54% of consumers prefer to watch video content from a brand over other types of formats. And we cannot forget YouTube, one of the most used social networks and the one in which the audience stays the longest.

Relevant information accompanied by moving images is retained 65% longer than static. Statistics support year after year the growth of online video consumption.

2. Moving images help further understanding

The video allows to explain in a simple way processes or concepts that with words would be more complex. From the schools they have verified how children are capable of better understanding the most abstract topics with the help of explanatory videos.

The manufacture of products or the explanation of how to use an application will be retained 53% more if we use a video. Not only can we make ourselves understood better, but by creating an attractive audiovisual product we will increase the retention of our brand.

The IAB Spain 2020 Social Networks Report found that 42% of users consume informative videos and 39% explanatory videos. This consumption has been growing exponentially for years, and is expected to continue in the future.

3. Video accelerates the industrial sales cycle

Almost eight out of ten marketers say that video positively drives their sales. Customers better understand and know more about your services or products, ask fewer questions before they buy, and buy more.

The video directly impacts the sales cycle, bringing it closer to success and facilitating the work of sellers.

In addition, a website optimized with video marketing attracts more visitors, who stay longer on the page.

We cannot stop analyzing the enormous impact of the pandemic. This situation has forced many companies to adapt their way of selling, with greater distance and security. Video has become indispensable in this new era to reach customers.

4. Success of webinars for sale

Consumption of webinars during confinement increased enormously. Companies no longer have physical spaces for contact with their stakeholders and different types of live videos have gone online: training, information, videoconferences, etc.

The webinars allow the company to be known, humanize the brand and show the existing talent within the company. This new format can be adapted in different ways, but it is about creating a dynamic and attractive meeting for users. You may need a basic guide to make a webinar from scratch, but if you rely on the right professionals, you can create a great product that helps your company.

The last few months have shown the success of these events, obtaining quality leads and increasing the company’s online voice.

5. Video is the content that most impacts decision makers

Communication will never be understood without video. Audiovisual content created to impact those who make decisions in B2B obtains positive results.

Video is a format that brings transparency and clarity to product and service presentations. Not only is it effective in helping to make purchasing decisions in the B2B sector, but it also captures the attention of stakeholders. It is possible to quickly and attractively bring your product or service closer to those who need to make purchase decisions based on solid reasons. Because, once again, a picture is worth a thousand words.

6. Audiovisual content increases brand awareness

Video marketing can help organizations reach new audiences and drive them to their social networks and website. With explanatory videos of actions or processes carried out by the company we can increase their knowledge, in addition to bringing the brand closer to its audiences.

In this example, the Los Alfares Shopping Center communicates the security actions carried out during the pandemic to its customers through an explanatory video, in which you can see what the cleaning protocol of its center is. These types of videos provide transparency to the organization on issues as important as this.

7. Video is king in attracting social media followers

87% of Internet users are followers of social networks, which means 25.9 million people in Spain. Video is one of the most consumed and popular content on social networks.

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