One of the factors to position in Google with growing importance is the traffic that a content receives. I also present 3 ways to “manipulate it”.

I don’t talk much about SEO, you know that there are people who know much more about this topic than me. When you move in the world of online marketing, it is inevitable to master the basics of web positioning.

The most relevant criteria are constantly evolving, so it is not enough to have been trained once and then forget about it. Summer is also a good time to train in SEO.

Today I am going to focus on an aspect that is becoming increasingly relevant for Google. These are the visits that a specific content or post is receiving.

Why has Google started looking at traffic?

Google aims to create a search engine that reflects reality. What does this mean specifically? He wants his algorithm to reflect as faithfully as possible what a human being would recommend having all the information in the world at his disposal (which is obviously not possible for a person).

The fact that a website has many visits at a given time can be interpreted as having gone viral for some reason. If it is a relevant topic for many people, a search engine should also give it more relevance in the search results.

Consequently, a peak in traffic on a website often results in an improvement in Google rankings for that specific content. It also has to do with the fact that user behavior is analyzed. Simply increasing traffic that results in poor time-of-stay or pageview metrics will achieve just the opposite effect.

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