There is an important difference between knowing and assuming. I have known for a long time that a fast website is essential to increase conversions. Despite having this knowledge, I have not done much to turn it into something tangible, such as a website that loads faster.

After several weeks having the data every day in front of our noses, we went from knowledge to the need to act. You can touch a lot of things to optimize pages and increase conversions, but few have as big an impact as loading speed. In these times it seems almost logical. There are more and more distractions, content, hobbies, etc. that allow the user to have better hobbies than your page. If he does not have access to your website in less than two seconds he leaves. Through mobile you have a little more time but it is clear that the trend also on that device is towards less.

If you are looking for a next priority for your website, let it be that. A website that loads faster should be listed there. In my case it has gone to number 1. Soon I hope to be able to tell you how I have done it and the results obtained. So…

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